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Al Gore
Birthdate: March 31, 1948  Birthplace: Washington, D.C.
Education: Harvard University, Vanderbilt University
Position: 45th Vice President of the United States under Bill Clinton, Environmental Activist
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Quote: "As many know, the Chinese expression for "crisis" consists of two characters side by side. The first is the symbol for "danger," the second the symbol for "opportunity." Al Gore - An Inconvenient Truth

Liberal Nut Editorial: (Sound familiar to #6 Rahm Emanuel?) Al Gore continues to sound the "danger" alarm while secretly capitalizing on  "opportunity." Danger and the Global Warming Crisis don't scare Mr. Gore; He lives comfortably, surrounded by lavish "opportunity" in his new $9 million California mansion.  If what Al proclaims is true, his ocean front home will be the first to disappear when the ice cap melts.

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